via Popular Science

It’s not the act of getting a bargain that’s so damaging, it’s the endless cycle of seeking them out. Instead of valuing the items they’ve purchased, people are thriving on the thrill of the deal. But that little burst of adrenaline you get from scoring a bargain fades pretty quickly, and soon you’re itching for your next fix. Yarrows calls it “the biggest psychological landmine for consumers right now.”

A bargain pulls on your heartstrings in a way that few, if any, sales tactics do anymore, and they’re being used in an orchestrated fashion that ends up undermining what’s valuable about shopping. Adding something truly useful and enjoyable to your life isn’t shallow consumerism. Purchasing an item that makes your day-to-day life more comfortable or beautiful can be a real joy, and we should embrace that side of the shopping equation. But as Yarrow puts it, bargains are “robbing people from truly picking products that they’ll love.”

So. True.

“Buy 3 get 1 free!” signs would tempt shoppers to buy 3 when all they needed was 1. Yours truly included. Then homes would be filled with more and more unwanted stuff.

It has been such a relief since I resolutely stopped shopping years ago. Sale signs do tug at me, but simply reminding myself why “No more shopping!” helped me to walk away. Initially it was a struggle, but with time and consistent practice (as with anything), it is much easier.

Buying only things that we need and giving away unwanted items has made the house easier to clean and keep organised!