via Popular Science

With statisticians, programmers and data scientists among its eight full-time staff members and dozen part-time employees, Touring Plan upends trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando resorts with customizable itineraries centered around how to smartly skip the lines at every single theme park. In addition to optimizing which time to board each attraction with its Touring Plans itinerary guides, their free-with-subscription app, Lines, says how long you’ll actually wait in every line, and the freakishly accurate Crowd Calendar recommends the best times to book a trip, even displaying how busy each theme park will be in advance.

Instead of simply considering spring break, they pull information for the hundred largest K-12 public school systems in the country and pair it with data from the Orlando Visitor Convention Bureau on where families are visiting from to determine the true impact of schools being out of session on the theme parks. The automated algorithmic model dives deep into economic considerations, too, using unemployment rate, consumer price index and inflation rate in Mexico, UK, Canada, US, and Brazil over the past 60, 90 and 180 days. That’s because today’s visitors to Walt Disney World likely booked their vacation months ago, and the state of the economy at that time can aid in predicting how busy the parks are now. Touring Plans even goes one step further, looking at not just U.S. unemployment rates but the unemployment rates for South Atlantic states, which account for most of Walt Disney World’s visitors.

This literally got my heart rate up! As a contextual person, I adore spinning in information from sources that others wouldn’t think is useful. Cross-industries, cross-countries, cross-disciplines!