via Quartz

“You have to constantly be thinking about how you’re going to make the whole team better. To do that, you have to be kind of selfless. It’s not about winning the meeting or feeling that people would be lost without you.”

The idea that “there’s less glory the more senior you get” is inherently generative. Enacting this mantra demands great humility. But doing so makes leaders more open and receptive to the feedback, ideas, and collaboration necessary for ongoing group success.

So. True.

I've been reading so much on leadership from books and websites for over a year, out of curiousity. Having tried starting my own company, was also a chance to test out some theories.

As I guessed[1], leadership is hard work. Even a natural "mother"[2] like me laboured at it.

  1. Even before starting the company. ↩︎

  2. I've been told time and time again that I have strong nurturing instincts. ↩︎