via The Crystal Stream

It’s very rare to have develop singular clarity about passions and purpose early on in life. What’s more important and practical for most of us to focus on cultivating curiosity about accumulating skills. Each new skill or pursuit you embark on is a seed. The more seeds you plant, the better your chance of finding that one or two strong seedlings that will take root and grow into a mighty oak tree of your life’s purpose...

What your passion is at 30 can be very different at 40 or 50. So its very important to cultivate curiosity and develop the ability to learn (heutagogy – self-determined learning).

Crystal's advice to job seekers

  1. Develop a diverse portfolio of skills and experiences. Start now.

  2. Develop your social emotional intelligence and awareness skills

  3. Talent is not good enough. Build Resilience and a Growth Mindset.