via Rumi’s Garden

Rumi’s Garden is an “online store specialising in contemporary and reclaimed vintage heritage crafts from the Muslim world.”

A friend posted their link and an image of the product purchased on Facebook praising their service. In this era of influencer marketing, a genuine heartfelt review speaks volumes.

Curious, I clicked through and headed to Rumi’s Garden 'About Us' page.

One of the biggest struggles we as Muslims face today, is a major schism and internal conflict when it comes to integrating the vast intellectual tradition and heritage of Islam into our daily lives. The reasons for this discord are many and complicated, but they have left us disoriented – to the extent that we are no longer able to understand ourselves through the lens of our own tradition. On the contrary, we have become a people with very little intellectual independence and we seek to understand ourselves through the lens of the other; a lens, that on many levels, is integrally opposed to our own worldview.

As Muslims, it is important for us to become familiar with our brothers and sisters in faith from other religions, because they too face similar obstacles to ours. Furthermore, since other religions are far older than Islam, we can learn much from their experiences both past and present. Learning from each other’s traditions serves a higher purpose than a mere interfaith dialogue – it grants peace within and around, to those who seek it. It grants acceptance, which goes above and beyond tolerance. It grants us a new way and opening into how we can understand our own religious tradition.

I was blown away at the insightful and humble text. Text that everyone, regardless of faith, can live by.