"It's so nice when it rains. When it pours", I've exclaimed to more than one person.

The responses vary from odd looks, "why?" and silence.

When living overseas in temperate climates, torrential monsoon rain is one of the few things that I miss.

The ceaseless drum of the rain on the buildings, sidewalks, everything, is comforting.

The rolls of thunder, even when directly above and seems to almost be roaring beside me, is comforting.

The crackle and flashes of lighting simply add to the comforting orchestra.

While all these do bring an initial jolt of fear, it is quickly replaced with calm and a sense of familiarity.

After the storm, the air is crisp and fresh. The surroundings feel scrubbed and washed. Everything sparkles.

Even when I have to walk through the storm, there is a sense of joy and appreciation. To be able to see, hear and feel the before, during and after of such a wonderful display.