Officially, my 20s were spent trying things. Unofficially, I followed ex-bosses and the "easiest" opportunities that appeared. It was not that intentional.

The 30s rolled around far too quickly. It came with a mortgage and more responsibilities. Looking at friends, my rose-tinted glasses saw them happily scaling career ladders and living financially secure lives.

I struggled to explain my non-traditional career path to questioning employers,  recruiters and some friends.

"When are you going to get a job?"

Depending who the ask-er was, replies were adjusted, always a brave front put forth. I buried the struggles that no one wants to hear — customising CVs, a growing job tracking spreadsheet with dates, repeatedly getting rejected, etc.

It was so easy to despair and think that I was not good enough for any job. Thankfully the Other Half repeatedly encouraged me.

Third quarter 2019: This introvert decided that I had to proactively network for jobs. I went for tech events (jobs fairs and talks) alone and sometimes with 1 friend. I chatted to so many strangers, connected on LinkedIn and told everyone that I was job hunting. I learnt that while it was easy for strangers to connect with me, the hard part was overcoming my fear of talking to them. I was my own barrier! Once I realised that and actively worked on overcoming it, things got much better.

2020 - Reaping results from 2019

As a result of doing so much networking and raising my hands to try new work in 2019, I am now:

  1. Leading Notion Singapore's community
  2. 1 of 3 Notion Pros in Singapore.
    Notion Pros are a globally vetted group of core Notion users — some highly skilled users, some doing Notion consulting work and others focused on managing communities.

What's Next?

  1. Pursuing a freelance career in organising and productivity for individuals and businesses. Currently testing different models and building up my portfolio, so stay tuned for that!
  2. Meanwhile, I am looking for part-time jobs to pay the bills! Email me!