Was idly walking around a shop with Friend A when we chanced upon the Freedom Cup. She casually wondered aloud how it was used and I excitedly said “oh I’m wearing it now!” Too much information indeed. On hindsight, I would probably have said the same thing to an acquaintance because that’s how excited I am about making sustainable choices!

That started a really long conversation on my reusable menstrual products journey that began about 3 years ago thanks to a chance conversation with a Canadian friend (bless her!).

Friend A encourage me to share more about the products that I’ve used and am exploring so here goes!

Menstrual Cups (in chronological order of acquisition)

  1. Diva cup
    Can’t recall exactly why I chose this cup or that it was the only cup available at the supermarket, but it was the first cup that I used. The other half helped me purchase it in Canada, then brought it over to Singapore. This cup served me very well, i.e. no leaks, for 1+ year before leaks started occurring. Usually cups can be used for 5 years or even longer, so I was surprised and assumed that my body had changed.
  2. Super Jennie
    By then, a Singapore company started selling menstrual cups, so I purchased the Super Jennie (Large). Why Large? I thought that perhaps my flow was getting heavy, hence the leaks. Sadly, after a few months, a micro tear occurred in the Super Jennie. I realised it when a slight sharp pain occurred when wearing the Super Jennie. Closer inspection revealed the micro tear. So this cup was retired.
  3. Freedom Cup
    Not wanting to spend lot after splashing a bomb on the Super Jennie, I discovered the Freedom Cup, SGD30. Sadly leaks still occur. Research revealed that some women simply just leak no matter what, so I felt resigned to it.
  4. Me Luna
    After watching Amy Nix’s Youtube video reviews of the Me Luna, I decided to purchase it. Gut feel told me that quality-wise, the Freedom Cup was just a temporary solution and Amy gave a fantastic review of the Me Luna. Also, I’m doing regular pilates now, so decided to get the Me Luna Sport which is stiffer.

Tip: Due to US regulations, the Me Luna is more expensive from the USA site. I checked other international sites in Asia for cheaper shipping, but they did not have the Me Luna Sport available. Purchasing it from the Europe site meant shipping costed approx SGD11, bringing the total bill to approx SGD33. CHEAP!

Also it was shipped out the day after the order was placed. Efficient!

Reusable Menstrual Pads

Amy Nix has many fantastic youtube videos of introducing people to menstrual pads, how to wash them, why they are better, etc. I binged watched them. She explains clearly, logically and concisely. She clearly explains the pros and cons of products while bearing in mind that the products might not suit some women and takes extra care to highlight their unsuitability.

Thanks to her, I started considering reusable menstrual pads for my leaks. I had previously purchased and used Period Underwear, but it was definitely more pricey and I wanted a cheaper alternative.

  1. EcoFemme Reusable Cloth Night Pad
    On Amy’s advice, the first purchase was a night pad because it’s better to “withstand” the heaviest flow first to test one’s suitability to cloth pads, then purchase the rest of the cloth pads.

This pad convinced me of what Amy had been repeating in her videos:
a. Cloth pads do not smell
b. Cloth pads are more comfortable than disposables

Unfortunately, the length of this Night Pad is insufficiently long, so I hunted online for longer lengths.

  1. Yurtcraft from USA
    Amy highlights her love for Yurtcraft pads in many of her videos. However, Yurtcraft’s shipping fees to Singapore is… very high. I’m also not a fan of the brightly coloured styles. Putting this link here in case anyone else would like to try!
  2. Sweet Touch from Taiwan
    Googling around led me to Taiwanese makers of cloth pads. Sweet Touch’s prices are similar to Yurtcraft, but with cheaper shipping. I’m currently deciding between Sweet Touch and the next maker, Cherry P.
  3. Cherry P
    I really like Cherry P’s subtler designs. The pricing is slightly cheaper than Sweet Touch, which adds up when one has to purchase multiple pads. As Cherry P’s international shipping charges is not very clear, I’ve dropped them an email to clarify, then will decide who to purchase from!