Posted the below to Facebook on 6 Aug 2016.

We sat near a playground with a lure. Dad and Mum (playing Pokemon) sat nearby. Dad hovered around while their small daughter ran delightedly around. It was hot, everyone was sweaty, but the Girl still ran happily around.

Girl grinned cheekily at me when I waved and smiled at her. I offered her my soft pink and blue striped pouch, containing a power bank, to hold. She grabbed the pouch and ran delightedly away. Since I was charging phone (DUH. Battery drain from PokemonGo), I trotted after her laughing away.

Her Dad trotted behind us apologising, but I told him no worries. It ended when Girl wasn't interested in pouch anymore, trotted off and was chased down by her Dad.

Shortly thereafter, the family packed up and headed off. Girl safely ensconced in her pram, Gerard and I waved cheerily at them as we too headed home.

Sidenote: Told the Dad that this was one way to keep an eye on his Daughter. Tethering her to him via power bank. HAHA.