via Just An Ok Dad

The husband is a strategic gamer (more on this next time). He used to play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a mobile game. Joining a gaming clan in that game allowed everyone, including him, get more loot and provide tips and game support to each other.

No #filthycasuals here. All hardcore players.

When the clan leader's wife gave birth, he opted to quit the game in order to spend more time with his new child.

He then started a Facebook page: Just An Ok Dad, creatively chronicling how he survives as primary caregiver of his child.

Incredibly creative and authentic, comments come from fellow mums and dads who lend support, laugh and seek advice on raising their kids.

PS: I once got nervous before a job interview and decided to watch his videos. They made me laugh and I was a lot calmer when the interviewer showed up!