Gerard grew up with cats and has a special affinity with them. I never had pets, but knew that because of Gerard, one day, we would have at least one pet cat.

Fast-forward to 2018.

Boboy was a feral stray who would not allow his community feeders anywhere near him. One day, he was found in a drain, totally covered in mud, with a smashed right hind hip and leg. His rescuer, R, brought a cage and somehow got him into it. R suspected that feral Boboy knew that he needed help, hence allowed himself to be confined in a cage.

R brought Boboy to the vet. R was told that attempting to save his hip and leg would take a lot of time, expensive and had a low rate of success. Despite not knowing where funds would come from, R decided to proceed with surgery to help Boboy. Due to the complicated condition, a specialist was brought in to consult and eventually perform the surgery.

[Sidenote: While the specialist did result in higher costs overall, he very kindly subsidised his rate for Boboy. I later saw the rates and found it to be extremely reasonable.]

Boboy had a two metal plates inserted into him. One into his hind leg, the other into his hip. This was to provide support while the bones healed.

Boboy was hospitalised in the vet clinic for about a month. During his stay, he surprisingly underwent a total change in personality. He became extremely affectionate to humans and endeared himself to all the clinic's staff.

However, similar to humans, long periods of hospitalisation also resulted in other complications, e.g. blocked bladder. Boboy was ready and needed to find a home. R was unable to adopt him and the search was on for a fosterer/adopter.

A friend alerted us to Boboy's plight.

Friend took into consideration that I would be a first-time pet owner, and suggested Boboy because he had a good temperament. I was not ready to adopt any pet, but Gerard and I went down to the clinic to say hi to Boboy.

Boboy immediately made a beeline for Gerard's lap and purred there for a good half hour. The clinic staff joked that Boboy knew who to "butter up".

Long story short, Boboy was adopted by us. Gerard renamed him Tyrael. Tyrael's naming process is hilarious, so that shall be a separate post.

R, Boboy's rescuer, has a Facebook page which details rescue efforts and requests for donation. Please support!