An older ex-classmate once asked me, “you don’t smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, what’s your vice?”

“Sugar”, was the swift reply.

To the despair of the other half, I’ve eaten ice cream, chips and drank Milo for a meal. Not often.

It wouldn’t be so bad if more was eaten during mealtimes, but my appetite was so bad that I could only eat half a regular (Asian, cos North American portions are usually much more) portion. Despite disapproving glares and scoldings from friends, I simply couldn’t eat more. One manful attempt resulted in nausea after dinner and a not so pretty mess later at home.

One day, the appetite returned to normal portions. The other half was delighted. Really delighted.

Eating out in Sinapore tends to result in carb-heavy, salt-heavy and low fibre meals. I perk up when fresh vegetables, e.g. poké bowls, appeared. When we occasionally eat out, we now try to intentionally have high fibre meals.

I LOVE it! Feel so much happier after eating a high-fibre meal, with some meat.

But before figuring out what worked for me, I felt guilty when receiving well-intentioned scoldings. Outwardly I tried to explain that one simply couldn’t eat any more. Zilch.

“No. One more bite.”

Which resulted in swallowing food, but not really enjoying it. Then where's the joy in eating?

Regardless, I'm thankful that my body tends to self-regulate itself and after extended unhealthy eating, will simply reject[1] unhealthy food.

  1. By making me feel like not eating unhealthy, so that it doesn't even enter the body. ↩︎