via Vogue United Kingdom

Vogue met Oscar-winning costume designer Alexandra Byrne to learn how she sourced the Thirties garments for the film’s female leads – from the missionary’s prim travelling clothes to the princess’s lavish jewellery.

Byrne’s favourite character to dress? The mysterious widow, Caroline Hubbard (Michelle Pfeiffer). “She’s a Broadway actress posing as a husband “hunter” and a tourist – and her clothes are either a reflection of where she’s just been or where she’s going next,” Byrne reveals. “When the Orient Express leaves Istanbul, she’s wearing a dress with Syrian embroidery on it. In the mountains, she’s in ski gear. And, no matter where she is, her outfits are always a little too much.”

Childhood memories. Poured over almost all the crime stories that Agatha Christie had written.

I really like that the clothes were so carefully considered. After all, what we choose to wear or not wear is significant. Also, the devil is in the details.