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… people should start thinking about death cleaning as soon as they’re old enough to start thinking about their own mortality. “Don’t collect things you don’t want,” she says. “One day when you’re not around anymore, your family would have to take care of all that stuff, and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Death cleaning may have benefits for the cleaners themselves, and not just for their loved ones, says Goldhaber. Some research suggests that clutter in the home can raise stress levels and reduce productivity. As adults get older, having a house full of stuff may also raise their risk for falls and create other health and safety hazards.

A different way of thinking about getting rid of clutter at home. Sure as heck don’t want to be a pain to whoever has to get rid of my belongings when I pass on!

Having lived in a house filled with things, I was adament that my house would not be the same.

Easier said than done.

The ever-supportive other half cheered with every item I removed as we moved from one country to another.

So glad when a friend visited and marvelled, “wow you all really have little stuff!”

Still making progress!