Since young, I've always been keen on owning my own house and used to look at architecture and interior design magazines, books and articles.

But when it came to handling a renovation, there's way more things to consider than what I read. Laying of plumbing, lights, choosing tiles etc. So grateful for a friend, who was a really experienced designer, for her massive input. I learnt so much.

Anyway, now I really appreciate understanding the nuts and bolts of construction and follow more bloggers who show, do and explain the construction of their homes, interior and exterior. Sadly, most of these bloggers live in dry areas with seasons, unlike Singapore which has high humidity and has way more pests. So some issues that they consider are not that applicable in Singapore. But hey, is a great start!

So I got really excited when I came across Ana and Jacob White built their massive 3-storey house in Alaska, wrangling with strong winds and extreme weather. They document and explain the entire process over on their Youtube channel.