via Radio Lab, WNYC Studios (podcast)

Today, while the divisions between different groups in this country [USA] feel more and more insurmountable, we zero in on a particular neighborhood to see if one man can draw people together in a potentially history-making election. Khader El-Yateem is a Palestinian American running for office in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, one of the most divided, and most conservative neighborhoods in New York City. To win, he’ll need to convince a wildly diverse population that he can speak for all of them, and he’ll need to pull one particular group of people, Arab American Muslims, out of the shadows and into the political process. And to make things just a bit more interesting, El-Yateem is a Lutheran minister.

Radio Lab has one of the best types of audio storytelling. One feels gripped and pulled throughout the story.

El-Yateem’s replies feel genuine and thoughtful. No canned replies. He even slowly says, “I’ll have to think about it”, when faced with a question that challenges him. No defensiveness.

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