via New York Times

“They didn’t object to boxes,” he said, “but when they received a box with one or two things in it, that felt wasteful. They said, ‘Why do you have to send a big box with a piece of cheese?’ ”

Next year, the company will stop using cardboard boxes altogether, Mr. Ackerman said. It will pack the orders in paper bags and pack the bags in reusable plastic boxes that will keep the bags from getting crushed on the trucks. At a customer’s apartment, he said, the driver will take the bag out of the plastic box and take the box back to FreshDirect to be cleaned and reused.

Switching from cardboard boxes to paper bags will cut the amount of pulp FreshDirect uses by half, Mr. Ackerman said. “This is being environmentally responsible,” he said.

Applaud FreshDirect, who has links to RedMart, for making the move to reduce packaging!

We get our groceries delivered via RedMart almost weekly. 99% of our orders consist of fresh produce. I could wax lyrical about RedMart, but next time la.

We’ve (or rather me) made a commitment to reduce the amount of plastic that we consume, hence we usually have a resuable canvas bag when we go out so any shopping can go inside. However, RedMart deliveries come with many plastic bags, sometimes one item per bag. Thankfully months ago, RedMart’s plastic bags have changed to biodegradable plastic. Though I wouldn’t mind if no plastic bags were given at all.